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Improving Survival of Sepsis in Austere Environments

The Threat of Sepsis

Sepsis is the 10th leading killer in the US, and has a 50% mortality rate. Servicemembers deployed in austere environments, where expensive diagnostic and treatment facilities aren’t available, are six times more likely to die of sepsis.

We must improve survival for patients with sepsis in resource-limited environments.

What ACESO is Doing

By facilitating and coordinating a research network of military and academic partners, ACESO aims to improve early recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of this deadly disease.

See below how ACESO is working against sepsis, and how you can help.

Clinical Practice

ACESO seeks to improve clinical practices by developing evidence-based guidelines for management of clinical syndromes in patients with severe infections through clinical trials in Uganda


ACESO is exploring host-based biomarkers for early recognition and individualized management of sepsis analyzing various biological signatures to increase understanding of the pathogenesis and related host response pathways associated with common and/or dangerous infectious agents


ACESO seeks to partner with global developers to design point-of-care tests to predict best clinical course and assess disease severity to improve patient outcome